Search Long Island 55 And Over Condos

Search Condos For Sale in Nassau And Suffolk County Long Island, and view Photos and Description of the neighborhoods you are interested in on Long Island.
The Consumer Home Search Site Gives You The Ability To View:
Residential, Condo, 55 And Over and Rentals in Both Nassau and Suffolk County.
Price Range, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Baths, Basement, Waterfront, Garages and more.
You will find details about listings that are currently showing available on the multiple listing service, photos of the exterior and interior when available.

After the available properties appear, click the numbers on the left side for photos and description of the property.

 Search Here For Long Island Condos

This is not a syndicated service. These are Licensed Long Island Realtors ready to help you in your Home or Condo Search. Call 631-805-4400 (c).
When you’re on the site press Condo, then Proceed To The Next Step.
Choose the Town, Number of Bedrooms and Bath, and anything else that you are looking for.
Then scroll to the very end and press SEARCH.
When you find the property that you are interested in, we will call and schedule an appointment to show you them, if they are still available (Sometimes a residence is listed, but already has an accepted offer which is not noted on the site).
Try it now.
Then Call Realtors LawrenceLarry” And Sheila to Sell you a Home, Condo or Co-op on Long Island at 631-805-4400 (c).
All The Information Is Not Guaranteed And Must Be Verified By The Prospective Buyer.
If your home or condo is listed with another broker, this is not a solicitation of the property.
The broker does not suggest they have listing or transaction in the communities.

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